Display Your ACES ReportCard Customer Reviews

On Your Website Automatically 



The Details

We are VERY excited about this feature and are sure you are going to love it as much as we do! We all know how important reviews are to any business and have often heard that the Report Card feature in ACES is worth the price alone, well now it is even more fantastic. Many of you have asked if it is possible to display your report card responses on your website, and now it is.

How It Works

A default question has been assigned to every account. The default question is “Please rate your overall experience:” with the response format of a 1-5 star rating. This can not be edited because it is used to calculate the review. The 1-5 star rating response submitted to that question and the customers’ feedback are available to embed as reviews on your website. Anytime you receive a new Report Card response it will automatically be generated into your displayed reviews. Some of you may be paying other companies for this same service now and we are excited to include it with your ACES account at no additional charge! You can set your account up to automatically post all reviews on your website or require approval before the reviews are posted to your website.

We’ve Made It Easy

You can retrieve the embed code by logging into your ACES account and from the main menu selecting Manage> Report Card Widget. You will see a couple of lines of HTML code specific to your account, you just copy and paste this code into the HTML editor on your website. You or your web staff can edit the code to customize display options or you can just paste the code and use it as is. You will also notice a link that says “Leave a review” which will offer visitors to your website the option of leaving a review that will be calculated into your review display. Below are pictures of the code being used in a sidebar of a website and also as a stand alone review page.


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