Will ACES work with my industry-specific software?

No, ACES will not integrate with PestPac, ServSuite, or other industry-specific software. But ACES works great as a stand-alone application. Several companies who use some form of CRM software currently use it in tandem with ACES – and with great results!

Are there any long-term contracts or any fees?

No, there are no contracts or any additional fees to use ACES besides the monthly cost of the plan you choose. The monthly plans are billed on a recurring basis, but can be ended at anytime. If you are a new customer and end the plan within the first month of use, you will receive a full refund.

What does the "Employee Limit" include?

The monthly plans differ in their “Employee Limit”. The “Employee Limit” is the max number of Agents, Customer Service Representatives, and Managers that you can have at one time in ACES.

Does ACES share customer information with third parties?

No, we never share your private data with third parties for advertising purposes or similar. We also take reasonable security measures, such as providing an encrypted connection, in order to prevent unauthorized access to information stored on the system.

Is my information on ACES backed up?

Yes, the complete system is automatically backed up once a day. You also have the ability to export select information as an Excel-type document for your own records if you wish.

How do branches work?

Have a lot of employees? One way to better manage them in ACES is by organizing them by branch.  After adding a branch under “Manage > Branch”, pull up an employees profile in order to get the option to “Manage Branch Assignments”.

Note: An employee can only see Agents, CSRs, and Managers from the branches they are assigned to. If no branches are assigned, they can view employees from any branch.

How can I add employee logins?

There can only be one “admin” account, but there can be multiple “employee” accounts, as many as there are agents/CSRs/managers tied to the account.

Select to edit or add an agent, CSR, or manager to get started.

Near the bottom the the employee’s info, you can enter a username and a password. To disable the login, either mark the employee as inactive, or remove them from the system. Employees must login using the Employee Login instead of the Admin Login.

Note: To improve the security of your account, please use a strong password with at least 8 characters and a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation.

Why won't it allow me to add an employee login?

Commonly, it’s because you are trying to add an employee login with a username that is already in use.

The username must be unique – not just from other employee logins tied to your account, but from employee logins throughout the ACES system. If you get a message that the username has already been taken, try using a combination of letters and numbers, just don’t use spaces or punction and characters other than the “@” symbol. For example: if “ralph” is already taken, try the following: “Ralph“, “ralph45“, “superralph“, etc. Usernames are case-sensitive!

Note: To improve the security of your account, please use a strong password with at least 8 characters and a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation.

Why are things appearing glitchy or out of order when navigating ACES?

ACES works great in all the modern web browsers – including IE 9 <, Chrome, Safari 5 <, Firefox 15 <, and Opera. However, there are little quirks in some of the browsers that may hinder a smooth experience for some. If you are experiencing issues, or are using a dated browser, we recommend trying Google Chrome.

Why isn't the employee I'm adding not showing up?

This is frequently because an image is being uploaded for the profile pic that is far to large for the system to handle.  Please resize the image in accord with these guidelines for a smooth experience: The images you upload should be under 1500 pixels in height, and under 1500 pixels in width. Also, the image needs to be under 4MB in size.

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