How ACES Helps Your Business

We know that for small service companies, gaining the trust, confidence, and commitment of your customers can be a daunting and difficult task. ACES for Business was created to help you build the lasting, trustworthy relationships between you and your customers that you need.


Trust is fundamental for the success of a service business, and our automated appointment reminder system can help you earn it. Verifying and sharing information about your appointments with customers not only builds confidence in your business, but also decreases no-shows. You can gain the trust and commitment of your customers before the appointment even begins.


ACES for Business offers your company more than just our well-known appointment reminder service. Our other services allow you to engage your customers through thank you messages, referral requests, and sales follow-up emails. Keeping your customers engaged will keep them coming back to your business.


Great feedback and testimonials can even bring new customers to your door. Our ACES for Business email services can help your customers give you the feedback you need to improve your business and spark the interest of potential clients. We can help you ask for reviews and then display them on your website for everyone to see. Showing off your great work can grow your business into something even greater.


We all know that happy customers are a sign of a successful business. Keeping your customers happy is made easy with all of the services ACES for Business has to offer. We help you keep your customers confident in your business and service technicians through our email reminder system, feedback requests, and engaging materials and promotions. ACES for Business is ready to help your business grow into something great by helping you succeed at the difficult task of building a relationship with your customers.

Product Features

ACES for Business is a tool that allows service companies to send email appointment confirmations, as well as thank you messages, referral requests and customized surveys. These messages can be automated and set to send at certain times after the appointment date has passed, making reaching out to your customers quick, simple, and nearly effortless.


ACES for Business is a web-based system with an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to customize your messages with headers and footers tailored to your company’s branding. Maintaining contact with your service technicians, customizing messages, and sending email confirmations is made easy with all of the services ACES for Business provides.


ACES for Business offers:

  • A user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Multiple appointment types to organize messages

Our appointment reminder system includes:

  • Appointment verifications that include photos of the employees that will be working with the customers
  • Customizable headers and footers in all messages
  • Text message appointment reminders for both the customer and the technician
  • Separate emails with additional information sent to employees and technicians


Our additional services include:

  • The FriendShare referral system
  • Thank you emails
  • Customized surveys with 10 different question formats
  • Report card emails to request feedback from customers
  • Report card widgets to display customer reviews
  • Sales follow up emails


In addition to our many services, we also offer:

  • Fantastic customer support


Get the most out of ACES for Business by learning about all of the services we have to offer to help you build trustworthy relationships with your clients.

Report Card WidgetCustomer Reviews email reminder software

Great ratings are meant to be seen. The ACES for Business report card widget allows you to show off the reviews your customers provide right on your website. The reviews from the report card email responses are displayed on your website, making your current customers an active, engaged part of your company.

Displaying your reviews can help you start growing your business. Visible business reviews are important for getting the attention of your company’s potential customers. Good reviews can gain the trust you need to sell your services and earn the confidence of your customers before you reach their door.

Building trust with your current and potential customers is effortless with the report card widget by ACES for Business. We believe reviews of your great work should be easily showcased on your website for all to see, so everyone knows they can trust your service!

Appointment Confirmation Emailsautomated appointment reminder system

One of the biggest struggles faced by service companies is gaining the trust of customers. Our email reminder service can help overcome this problem and build trust between your company and your customers before your service technician even reaches their door.

Our appointment confirmation emails include a validation of the appointment, as well as a photo of the service technician that will be working with the customer. The headers and footers of your message can be customized with branding for your business, including logos and custom banners.

The automated appointment reminder system makes contacting your customers nearly effortless. All emails can be automatically sent by our email reminder service. This makes reaching out and gaining the trust of your customers the easiest it can be!

appointment reminder system client appointment reminderFriendShare

ACES for Business can make growing your business simple with FriendShare. Your customers can spread the word about your company to their friends through this easy-to-use referral system.

FriendShare allows you to email referral forms to your current customers, prompting them to tell their friends about your business through emails sent by FriendShare or via social media.

The email system allows you to begin establishing contact with potential customers, and helps keep your current customers engaged. Sending promotional information and savings offers with FriendShare can help grow your business and get in touch with plenty of new people to serve. Just like many of the messages sent through ACES for Business, these emails can be customized with the branding of your company.

FriendShare is an easy way to reach out to potential customers through your current ones. Not to mention, our automated appointment reminder service can help you keep up with all of your clients, old and new!

Thank You Emailsappointment reminder system automated thank you emails

ACES for Business is more than just an appointment reminder service. We can also help you show your customers how much you appreciate their business. Saying “thank you” to your valued customers can be a big step in gaining trust and building lasting relationships for your company.

Our business thank you emails can be customized to fit the branding of your business, just like in our email reminder system. Custom headers and footers can be added to your thank you email to personalize your message to your customers and make it easy for them to recognize your company.

Showing your appreciation to your customers can help you begin building a relationship and growing your business. Letting ACES for Business help you say “thank you” can transform your company’s relationship with the people you serve. You can thank us later!

appointment reminder service plumbersReport Card Emails

We know how important it is for you to know how your company is performing. After the client appointment reminder has been sent and the service has been completed, asking for feedback is the next step to building a great relationship with the people you serve. The ACES for Business report card emails can help you gauge where your company stands with your customers.

ACES for Business helps you ask for important feedback and ratings that can improve your services and grow your business. We provide a customizable rating request form to be sent to your customers. When a customer responds, you can receive a notification from ACES for Business to immediately let you know what they had to say about your company’s services.

Taking action to receive ratings is made simple by ACES for Business report card emails. Knowing how your customers feel about your services can help you to engage and respond to them better than ever.

Sales Follow Up Email

We know the importance of staying in touch with your customers long after the appointment reminder system has done its job. The ACES for Business sales follow up emails help you reach out to your customers and form a relationship that will keep them coming back.

Our sales follow up emails include messages such as our referral forms and our promotional information and offers. Just like other messages, these emails can be easily customized to reflect the branding of your company with your own logos, headers and footers. These personalized emails make engaging your customers easy and effective.

Staying in touch with customers after the sale or service has been done can be an important part of keeping trust and continuing to serve them. Our sales follow up emails can help you do just that, all while reaching out to potential customers through the clients you already serve.

Terrific Customer Support

We value our own customers just as much as you value yours. ACES for Business offers fantastic customer support to everyone using our appointment reminder system and other features. No matter what the issue, we are always available to answer questions and assist you with any problems you might be having.

Easy access to our outstanding ACES for Business customer service is important to us. We offer free training webinars and online tutorials to educate our customers on the many services we offer. If you have a question that cannot be answered by our webinars or tutorials, you can also always reach us by phone.

Our customer services also include the creation of a custom header and footer for your use in your emails, even for those using a free trial. These professional headers and footers add your branding to the automated appointment reminder system and other messages you send through ACES for Business.

We welcome suggestions from our customers about how to better our services, and we would love to hear your feedback. In fact, several of our current features are a result of customer suggestions and requests. We want to improve our system based on your user experience.