“The key to keeping long term customers in this business is all about relationship building with the customer. With ACES it allows us to start building that relationship immediately and stay ahead of our competition if they were to keep calling around. By showing them the technician and call center representative’s pictures they are no longer just dealing with Scherzinger Pest Control but they know which employees are committed to seeing their issue through for them. For this reason we have come to appreciate the value in the ACES program and it has become a key aspect in our sales process.”

Kurt Scherzinger
Kurt Scherzinger
Scherzinger Termite &Pest Control

“ACES has worked great for us at Interstate Pest Management. It allows us to send our customers notification with a more personal touch. The pictures of our staff are another great plus that our customers love to see.  The new review widget that sends reviews straight to my website is Genius!!”

Appointment Reminder Services for Pest Control Companies
Brad Thorstenson
Interstate Pest Management Inc.

“We could write these testimonies all day! ACES has been one of the best additions to our customer service. Our office loves the ability to confirm all appointments in advance. Clients are thrilled about having a photo of the technician arriving at their home, which provides a sense of trust & security. ACES is that extra special touch that allows us to go above and beyond.

Thank you Ray & the team at ACES.”

automated appointment reminder emails for Pest Control
Richard Kesecker
Good Earth Pest Company
“Emailing an appointment confirmation that includes our team’s photos and bios is just one more way we can offer our clients peace of mind. People appreciate knowing who they’re talking to over the phone, as well as who is coming to their home. It helps us start building a relationship with them, before we even set foot in their door.
We’ve also been impressed with ACES exceptional customer service. Any questions we’ve had, have been addressed and explained thoroughly in a caring and timely manner. It’s been a great experience working with their team.”
business appointment reminder software friendly email reminder system
Keith D. Ruebeling
Larue Pest Management, Inc.

“The program is working really well for us. We are very happy with the feedback from our customers, and the report card feedback we are getting is as good or even better than what we were getting doing Net Promoter calls. So much so, that we are using ACES exclusively for NPS.”

friendly email reminder service
Marc Dykstra

“I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying using Aces For Business. In the residential protection business security is everything. Before every appointment that we run we make sure that our prospect has been sent a photo and a brief bio on the sales consultant that will be meeting them. This really puts the prospect at ease and gives us a “leg up” on the competition. We have actually had our prospects come to the door with their iPad in their hand with the photo of our rep to make sure it was the same person. We love it.

Thanks for what you do. It is the best investment that we make each month.”

client appointment reminder service and automated emails
Russ Ackerman
Vector Security

“ACES is a remarkable program.  It directly addresses the continued security concerns that most homeowners have.  ACES allows them to feel more at ease when allowing our representatives into their homes after receiving the VERY professional email from the office.  Ultimately, ACES qualifies us as the premier, professional pest management company in our service area.”

email reminder service for appointments and testimonials
Kassandra Mills
OPC Services

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we love using the ACES program.

According to Jim Blasingame, we live in the Age of The Customer and they have more choices than ever.  We have to do something that sets us apart from the competition.  Well, we didn’t have to look too far because we found that in the ACES program. Our customers love the Appointment Confirmation email they receive.  And the ability to send a photo of who will be arriving at their home along with a preparation list, is…just priceless. You can send a Thank you card, a Report card, a coupon for them to use at a later date and a coupon for them to share with friends; all at the touch of a button. In addition, we’ve also closed several Estimates by using the Sales Follow up feature. I think the customer finds this less intrusive than a phone call that could put them on the spot.

Ray, I’m glad our paths crossed 2 years ago. You and you’re team are the best. Thank you for always tweaking the program and making the CUSTOMER INTERACTION so easy for our industry. It’s every managers dream.”

automated appointment reminder system for pest control
Gail Appling
Bugmaster Termite and Pest Control

“I especially appreciate the feedback reports that we receive daily from our clients, which helps us identify areas where we are doing great and where we need to work a little harder. We have received numerous comments from clients who are impressed with the email service notification. I see using ACES as becoming a permanent part of the way we conduct business in Hawaii.”

appointment reminder service testimonial
Michael Botha
Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

“ACES has been an invaluable part of our business since 2012.  ACES is responsive to customer needs and frequently introduces new features that enhance the service.  We are thrilled with the recent addition of real-time reviews being added to our website.  The widget is easy to install and anyone can go to our website and see current and up to date reviews as they are submitted by our customers.  This also saves us time from having to constantly update our testimonials on our website.”

“We also love that after a customer answers our Report Card survey, they are immediately redirected to our Facebook page.  Genius!  ACES continues to set itself apart as an outstanding company while continuing to help us do the same.  Thank you Ray & the ACES team for helping us succeed!”

appointment confirmation software and emails
Andy & Julie Yant
P.E.S.T., Inc.

“While selling almost all of our residential services over the phone has been great for us, we’ve missed out on the more intimate face-to-face feeling of an on-site inspection.  That is until we signed up for ACES.  The ACES program not only facilitates a more personalized customer service experience while giving us instant credibility; it also helps my inside sales team close more sales!  What’s more, by having the terms and conditions of the specific program attached to the appointment confirmation, the transactional aspect of the sale is subdued and streamlined, making the benefits of the service and the customers first impression and expectations the focus.   The thank you messages and review requests that come later are automated for us, but personalized for the customer.  The small investment to add this tool is worth it just for the email addresses you will get without even blinking an eye.”

Automated Appointment Reminder Services
Adam Witt
Witt Pest Management

“It’s great! ACES automates the customer contact that I have tried to do for years and because it is simple, automatic, and easy to use, I no longer worry about the program getting done. Thanks again for this great program.”

automated email reminder service
Bob Kunst
Fischer Environmental

“ACES adds a level of safety and security our customers can count on! We’re setting ourselves apart from our competition and giving our customers peace of mind.”

customer email reminder system
Kevin Pass
Action Pest Control

“At Anti-Pest we love the professional image that ACES gives our company. Our customers love the security of knowing that the person at their door is indeed our representative.”

appointment reminder services for customers
Jarrod & Michele Horton
Anti-Pest Termite & Pest Control

“Great program! We have been using ACES since January 2013 with positive results. This program has had a wonderful effect on customer communications and appreciation. The customers like being able to see a photo of the employee that will be coming to their home.”

automated appointment reminder software for business
Jeff Springer
Springer Professional Home Services

“Set-up was quick and easy, accumulating the pictures of every employee took the longest. We’ve always had difficulty in collecting our customer’s email addresses. Now because of ACES, they give it to us without question.”

Email Reminder Service and appointment reminder software
Sheri Spencer
Spencer Pest Services

“It’s marvelous! It is an excellent first touch for new customers.”

automated appointment reminder service for pest control
Jennifer Leggett
Lindsey Pest Services

“We love ACES, and what is more important is that our customers love receiving them. We get compliments from our customers on a daily basis.”

customer appointment reminder service
Nick Lupini
Loyal Termite & Pest

“We believe that every customer touch point should leave them feeling that it is easy to do business with A-Active and that we genuinely care about them – ACES does just that! We have fully integrated ACES into every aspect of our communication, and our customers absolutely love it.”

appointment reminder service for businesses
Kevin Kordek
A-Active Termite & Pest Control

ACES is “aces” in my book. It helps set us apart from our competition. We are the bust-out number one company in our marketplace; but, we still strive like we are in last place. This system is easy to use and it benefits the customer profoundly. Please try ACES.

appointment reminder system for business
Jeff Annis
Advanced Services

With ACES, we are creating an instant bond with our customers. Our team loves it and the customers appreciate knowing who is coming out to their home.

appointment reminder email services
Stanford Phillips
Northwest Exterminating

“Aces for business has given us the ability to better service our customers with professional appointment confirmations, putting a face and name to our employees before they go out to service.  Most impressively, ACES has given us the opportunity to measure our customer service by sending follow up thank you cards and a tailored survey for our customers to rate us.  This has opened the door for our business to ensure we are delivering on our promises and creating a world class experience.

appointment reminder software system
Stuart Aust
Bug Doctor

We have found that ACES has helped us close more sales and retain our current clients. I highly recommend ACES.

friendly email appointment reminder service
David & Terry Pomfret
Fahey Pest Management

In a world of security concerns the feedback from customers has been hands down positive – especially among women.

automated appointment reminder services
Ryan Bradbury
Viking Pest Control

It is an AMAZING program that helps you attain email addresses easily while communicating and confirming appointments with your clients. WOW – and it is all automated, user friendly and our clients LOVE it.

appointment reminder system for customers
Randy & Amber Hansen
Hansen Steam Way

“The customer service that we provide to our customers has been taken up a notch thanks to ACES.”

appointment reminder system for customers
Billy Tesh
PMI Pest Management Systems

Our customers love the efficient yet personal touch ACES provides. We are pleased with ACES nimble response to the needs of our company.

automated appointment reminder services for business
Lou Schmidt
ConnectOne Security

Using the ACES Report Card feature, I want to know if customers are unhappy sooner rather than later. If they weren’t thrilled with the experience, I’d rather know in three days as opposed to three weeks.

email confirmation services
Mike Rottler
Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions