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What can ACES do for your business? Just ask our raving fans!

"The customer service that we provide to our customers has been taken up a notch thanks to ACES."

Billy Tesh

PMI Pest Management Systems

"Our customers love the efficient yet personal touch ACES provides. We are pleased with ACES nimble response to the needs of our company."

Lou Schmidt

ConnectOne Security

"Using the ACES Report Card feature, I want to know if customers are unhappy sooner rather than later. If they weren't thrilled with the experience, I'd rather know in three days as opposed to three weeks."

Mike Rottler

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions

"It is an AMAZING program that helps you attain email addresses easily while communicating and confirming appointments with your clients. WOW - and it is all automated, user friendly and our clients LOVE it. "

Randy & Amber Hansen

Hansen Steam Way

"ACES is "aces" in my book. It helps set us apart from our competition. We are the bust-out number one company in our marketplace; but, we still strive like we are in last place. This system is easy to use and it benefits the customer profoundly. Please try ACES."

Jeff Annis

Advanced Services

"In a world of security concerns the feedback from customers has been hands down positive - especially among women."

Ryan Bradbury

Viking Pest Control


"A-Active Termite & Pest Control Company has been using the ACES System for four months and have been very pleased with the enhancement that this tool has brought to our customer communications. We believe that every customer touch point should leave them feeling that it is easy to do business with A-Active and that we genuinely care about their time. ACES does just that!"

"We have fully integrated ACES into every aspect of our communication - and our customers absolutely love it."

"Ray Johnson has done a great job of continually improving the ACES program and has been incredibly responsive to our feedback. I highly recommend the ACES program to any service business that wants to improve their customer communication and build their bottom line."
- K. Kordek (Virginia)

"One of the most important aspects to our business is the client relationship. Since we have incorporated ACES as part of our initial customer service contact, the resulting trust and credibility has led to an increase in closing sales and sets us apart from our competition. As we incorporate the new update releases from ACES, I can only see it increasing the customer experience our clients will have."

"Ray Johnson has done a great job developing ways to reach out and gain the trust of clients while enhancing the credibility of our companies with the ACES program. Some of us have dreamed about doing something like this, but Ray did it!"
- D. Pomfret (Florida)

"ACES is making our business stronger by giving customers peace of mind with immediate appointment confirmation and recognition of the technician coming into their home. We're also excited about fewer cancellations due to mistaken appointment times - no more "you said 10am on Tuesday" when we actually said noon on Wednesday! I highly recommend ACES for any service industry that wants to set itself apart from the competition."
- J. Yant (Tennessee)

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with ACES. We feel it has enhanced our relationship with current clients and more importantly it helps us close sales with new clients. It builds in trust so that when we show up they are ready to buy. It is another way to separate ourselves from our competition, while building our email base to send out our monthly newsletter promotions. Thank you for providing us with this invaluable service."
- N. Lupini (Virginia)

"As the office manager of Johnson Pest Control, I can speak from experience. We use ACES multiple times a day and at least once a day I hear from our customers what an awesome service this is and how much they appreciate it."

"We have even had customers tell us that receiving the confirmation email along with the photos of our employees has been the deciding factor in their choosing our company over our competitors."
- D. Coker (Tennessee)

Why use ACES for business?

One of the biggest obstacles companies face in today's times is building trust. A customer's trust in a company is paramount and often difficult to attain. That's where ACES (Appointment Confirmation Email Service) can help. Giving your customers peace of mind in knowing who is knocking on their door and coming into their homes is priceless.

Also, ACES allows you to reach out to your customers with customizable surveys, thank you messages, and referral requests. Send them out manually, or set them to send out automatically after a select amount of days after the appointment date. With ACES you get powerful flexibility wrapped in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Written validation of appointment
  • Builds trust before you knock on the door
  • Increases sales closing percentage
  • Eliminates confusion over appointment time
  • Customers LOVE it!!!

What is ACES?

ACES is a web-based application for sending out email confirmations for service appointments, as well as custom surveys, thank you messages, and referral requests. These can be set up to send automatically after so many days have passed - saving both time and effort!

A user-friendly interface allows you to quickly upload your logo or custom banner and footer, manage your agents (service techs, inspectors, sales people, etc.) and customer service representatives, customize appointment types, and, of course, send an email confirmation.

ACES is guaranteed to make your company appear more professional, and will build trust in customers before you reach the door.


Here is an example of how a typical email appointment notification sent from ACES looks like:


>Employee pictures displayed in email
>Customizable email header and footer
>Send FriendShares and thank you notes
>Multiple appointment types
>Web-based, accessible from any internet-connected device
>Simple interface - minimal initial setup
>Text message reminder alerts sent to the agent/tech before the appointment
>Send separate emails to employees containing additional information
>Custom surveys with 8 different question types
>Terrific customer support
>30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Text Message Reminders

With ACES, you can have text message reminders sent to your sales agent or tech. You can choose an amount of time - let's say an hour - and an hour before the appointment, your agent will receive a text notification of the upcoming appointment that includes such details as the customer's name, phone number, address, and, of course, the time of the appointment.


Plan Monthly 5 Monthly 15 Monthly 30 Monthly 50 Monthly 100 Monthly 150
Monthly Price $29.95 $39.95 $54.95 $69.95 $99.95 $129.95
Send Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Employee Limit 5 15 30 50 100 150
Plan Monthly 200 Monthly 250 Monthly 300 More than 300 Employees?
Monthly Price $159.95 $189.95 $199.95 Please contact us for a free quote!
Send Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Employee Limit 200 250 300
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For special needs such as fully customized email templates, or for companies with more than 300 employees, please contact us for a free quote!

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A Few of the Companies that use ACES:

Johnson Pest Control Orkin Franchise 947 Nozzle Nolent Inc. A-Active Termite and Pest Control Company Rottler Pest and Lawn Services
Hansen Steam Way Carpet, Tile, and Upholstery Cleaning Action Pest Control American Pest Solutions, Inc The Bug Man Inc.
AllGood Pest Solutions Anchor Pest Control Anti-Pest Termite and Pest Control Fahey! Pest Management Spencer Pest Services
Lloyd Pest Control NorthWest Exterminating Fischer Environmental IMPACT Pest Elimination
Sandwich Isle. Pest Solutions Rid-A-Bug Exterminating Midstate Termite & Pest Control Midstate Termite & Pest Control Thomas Pest Services
Haynes Exterminating, Inc. Perfection Pest Control Inc. Good Earth Pest Company Hahn Pest Management Hahn Pest Management
Haynes Exterminating, Inc. Perfection Pest Control Inc. Good Earth Pest Company Hahn Pest Management

About Us

ACES provides a way to quickly send out an appointment confirmation

Ray Johnson

Founder of ACES

Our mission is to create a simple solution to building trust with customers before you even reach their door. ACES provides a much needed step in the sales process by providing you, the service company, a way to initiate communication and build trust with your customers.

We are confident that you will find ACES to be a valuable tool as your company strives to provide stellar service. That is why we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee - we trust that you will love the immediate results that come from using ACES.

Ray Johnson - Founder of ACES for business